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Online Workout Programs & Nutrition Programs

Our online workout programs and nutrition programs are for everyone. You first select a program that fits your own fitness level and then receive a downloadable fitness/nutrition plan with virtual access to our two experienced trainers. The levels offered range from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Our programs are all intended to be FUN while getting you in serious Viking shape!

  • Affordable and effective workout and nutritional programs
  • The convenience of a personal trainer on your own schedule
  • Expert advice and recommendations from two top fitness and health trainers
  • Progressive plans that allow you to customize your online workout program
  • Fun online workout programs that are proven to make a difference


workout plan
Viking Bulk Plan
Have you been struggling with trying to put on muscle mass? Build muscle size, density and strength so you may conquer the next village or gym, or just crush your old lifting records and be huge. 

fitness plan
Viking Booty Plan
This effective glutes-focused fitness plan is tested and proven to help even the most stubborn of glutes to grow. Flat butt no more, let that Viking booty grow. 

workout plan
Viking Shred Plan
Going to war and need to be shredded for battle? Well neither are we, but let’s see those muscles bulge and cut fat along the way. This plan will build lean muscle and burn adipose tissue, also known as fat.  

beginner workout program
Viking Beginner Plan
This Viking Beginner Plan is for all of you who are ready to get fit. Designed to walked you through the workout steps and start getting you in shape. This is a great first plan before moving onto the Bulk or Shred plans.

detox plan
Viking Detox Plan

Available Now!

Looking for a way to cleanse your body and cut excess fat? The Detox Plan provides you the nutritional tools to crush your first or fifteenth detox - Viking style. Pair this plan with another workout plan to get the body you've always wanted.

detox plan
Viking Detox Workout Plan

Available Now!

This is a work out plan that is designed to go with the Viking Detox Plan. by using both plans simultaneously you will increase your results. Healthy and happy begins with the right steps. This is why we designed this plan to use with the detox plan for full efficiency for detoxing and health promotion.

There is no Lamb for the Lazy Wolf

  1. Spread our work through as many athletic mediums as possible.
  2. To develop athletes into better athletes.
  3. To leave behind an undeniable legacy of hard work and success with many athletes to come.

True Viking Fitness

Here at True Viking Fitness, we are dedicated to make all our athletes better athletes. We strive to help the athletes evolve their physical, mental and nutritional strengths to get them to their next level. Athleticism, discipline and knowledge further the achievements of their sport.

Having fun and becoming the best possible person is what we want to help you with using our online workout plans. We start with nutrition, so we can dial in your appropriate food/fuel ratios. A balanced diet is essential fuel on the road trip to success. To get there, will give you the map to the beginning of YOUR destination! You deserve to see the best version of yourself.