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Our online programs are for everyone. You first select a program that fits your own fitness level and then receive a downloadable fitness/nutrition plan. The levels offered range from Beginner to Advanced. Our programs are all intended to be FUN while getting you in serious Viking shape!

Our main goal is to make the world stronger one individual at a time both physically and mentally. In hopes to making the world a stronger and more balanced place to live in.


Here at True Viking Fitness, we are dedicated to make all our customers better athletes. We strive to help you evolve your physical, mental and nutritional strengths to get you to the next level. 

With one on one personal training and online training you will have fun and hopefully become the best possible version of yourself. We start with nutrition because a balanced diet is essential for success. Then with fun and exciting exercises  we will give you the map to your fitness destination! Take the journey with us to the new your sign up today.

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Stefán Freyr Michaelsson

Coach / Strength / Agility

B.Sc Sports Science | ISSA Certification

My goal is to help athletes and peers realize thier potential is much greater then they imagined when it comes to strength and determination.


Coach / Nutrition / Fitness

BA Psychology | World Class Trainers Certification

My goal is to help people realize their self worth and find enjoyment in working out. Experience the euphoric side effects of a good workout. The body mind and spirit always work together so everything has to be balanced and nothing can be forgotten.