TVF Challenge


We offer you a choice of 4 styles of training programs & 4 Diet Plans that can suit your needs. The objective of this challenge is to lose fat and gain muscle! Everybody can lose fat and weight alone but to add quality muscle mass as well takes a TRUE VIKING. Step up and let us help you become the better version of yourself, at least let us get you started on the path to your success. Dont Be scared we cater to all levels of athletes;beginner-advanced. 



Signing Up Is Just A Start, But To Follow Through Is Dedication! Your 6 improvements if you dedicate.

More Strength & Power

All of our programs for this competition are designed to increase muscle density & strength

Learning on the go

The Plans are all in PDF form so you can view them easily on your phone before, during and after the gym.

Motivation & Team Spirit

We not only help you get started but we also give you access to a closed community of other athletes share a common set of goals.

Training Knowledge

All of the programs include detailed photos with descriptions on how to do the work outs and what the goal of each workout is.

Access to a Closed FB Group

This is where other athletes share; tips, tricks and progress updates. This is also a community to ask any questions that pertain to your goals.

Stronger Heart & Lungs

Working out strengthens your heart muscle. This improves your heart's ability to pump blood to your lungs and throughout your body. This allows them to deliver more oxygen to your body and carry away waste products.

There’s no better time than the present!


My trainees say

I just love you Kim, you fixed my life and made me a better person. How did you do it?

Dora Handle

I'm someone who struggled with weight. Kim helped me get in better shape.

David Shlemer

Now I am fit like the girls you see on MTV. While that wasn't my initial goal, now I'm really into it.

Tara Malnic

The workout helped with my depression and low self esteem, as well as with my abs.

Mika Sumner